Advanced Program in Project Management

About The Program

Project Management is one of the key areas that require maximum attention from the management. The non-repetitive, irreversible nature of activities and huge capital investment make the knowledge of scientific and advanced skills mandatory for proper management of projects. The number of tasks and their interrelationship is very complex even in the case of a small project and the use of computer is proving mandatory for success.

The program in Project Management looks at various facets of managing complex projects and illustrates how good project management software can be used effectively for managing large projects. The program also will have special emphasis on the complex task of managing software (IT) projects. Usage of standard models for IT project management will be discussed in detail.


The objectives include familiarizing the participants with various phases of project development cycle. The formulation, design, implementation and evaluation & close-out phases of project are discussed in detail. The use of network techniques in project management, developing an understanding of the tools and techniques for effective management of project teams and controlling costs & time in projects are also discussed. The program also looks at various issues including resources leveling, managing the uncertainty in projects and aspects of project budgeting and monitoring. Through the hands on training in project software the program expect to equip the participants the necessary skills to manage complex projects with the help of standard software.

Who Should Attend

The program is meant for persons who are involved in the implementation of projects; persons involved in planning and monitoring the projects and for the executives in the agencies that co-ordinate the implementation of the projects. This Program is meant for:

  Professionals involved in the implementation of projects

  Professionals involved in planning and monitoring projects

  Executives in the agencies that co-ordinate the implementation of projects


 Graduates with minimum 2 years of work experience.

 Course Details

Introduction to Project Management. & Project Life Cycle

Defining the Project

Project Selection & Formulation

Project Time and cost estimation

Developing Project Plan

Scheduling Resources

Reducing project duration

Managing Risk

Progress, Performance measurement and evaluation & Project control systems

Theory of constraints & Critical Chain Project Management

Project Quality

Project Stakeholder Management

Project Organization, Teams & leadership

Project Audit & Closure

International Project Management

Software Project Management (Frame works & Models)

Schedule & Duration

Friday 9.30 a.m. – 1.30 p.m. IST (Three or Four hrs per week will be finalised soon)

50 hrs (to be covered over a period of 12 -14 weeks)


Upon successful completion of the program, a Certificate of Participation in "Advanced Programme in Project Management" will be awarded by IIMK.

Delivery Mechanism

The programme is currently offered through the technology platform of Hughes, which seamlessly integrates traditional methods of learning with the latest technology. The system allows the instructor to use presentation; video, audio, white boards and telestrators to effectively communicate ideas and interact with the students. Interactions with the professor are spontaneous and as natural as in a regular classroom.

IIMK reserves the right to close the admissions before the due date if all the seats are filled up before the due date.

Please note that:   Originals of mark sheets/certificates etc should not be enclosed with the application. Applicants will be required to produce these documents whenever necessary

The applicants will be solely responsible for the correctness of the information provided in the application. In the event of any of the information being found incorrect, the admission to the Programme shall be liable to be cancelled.

Incomplete applications will be summarily rejected.

Fees once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances.

 No batch change is allowed under any circumstances and Institute's decision will be final in this regard.