The Strategy Academy Masters Program [PGDME+BLP]- 1 year


           Post Graduate Diploma in Mangement and Entrepreneurship [PGDME]
                  [Jointly certified by Jadavpur University  and The Strategy Academy]
                                        Business Leaders Program [BLP]
1.    The  Strategy Academy Masters Program comprising [i] PGDME and [ii] BLP is designed  to   help participants to pursue 3 possible career options viz.
Build career in the current area of work [such as sales or in finance or in projects or in technical services or  in operations where one is currently working] and become a professionally qualified middle or a senior level manager at the earliest
Effect career transition from current area of work to an area that that the prospective participant truly desires [say from sales to marketing and brand management, from operations, quality control or R&D to sales or marketing, from accounting to finance, from back office and calling jobs in BPO/ITES companies to management functions, from narrow functional area focus to much broader cross functional business focus] and become a professionally qualified middle or a senior level manager at the earliest
Move away at the earliest from being an employee of an organization to become  the owner of a business to be launched
2.     The  Strategy Academy Masters Program  has the following Modules:
      Base Module: PGDME Program is a program where REGULAR classes are held and which is duly certified by Jadavpur University [JU] School of Education Technology  and The Strategy Academy Centre for Advanced Studies [TSACAS] This Program  is NOT a correspondence program as is offered by some universities where there is no need to attend classes. The  PGDME program offered by the Academy require participants to attend regular LIVE classes and participate in class discussion.
       Special Module: Business Leaders Program [BLP] is also a program where REGULAR classes are held and for which examinations and certification come under the purview of The Strategy Academy. This Special Module AMP is an added value program and is conducted alongside the Base Module viz.  PGDME
       Total time needed to complete PGDME and BLP will be one year
     The convenient delivery process, described in item 5 and 6 below, makes it easy to attend LIVE classes conducted by the faculty, without missing even  an hour of office time.
3.    Mentoring  by a full time very senior  IIM Faculty [including opportunity to discuss academic and career issues with him  over phone and live video conferencing platform]
4.    High quality faculty team from Indian and overseas business schools
5.   Location independent [implying that NO TRAVELLING is required to attend LIVE sessions conducted by faculty; such LIVE sessions can be attended from ANYWHERE- home/office/factory/ outstation; this feature of the delivery process helps each  participant of the Academy’s program to have  his/her own “personal class room” that allows complete privacy and concentration during the learning process
6.    Conveniently delivered [LIVE sessions are held during Fridays, Saturdays and Mondays from 5 pm to 7.30 pm Muscat Time over the 2 way interactive live video conferencing platform which can be accessed from ANYWHERE through an active internet connection.
7.    Recordings of all LIVE sessions are  made available for accessing any session that  is missed or for revisiting any session
8.    Value for money fee structure [total  fee payable for The  Strategy Academy Masters Program comprising JU plus TSA certified PGDME & Autonomously Certified BLP is less than  the fees of  most PGDM/MBA/PG Programs in Management offered by various business schools in India, even though the LIVE sessions, conducted by faculty personally are held REGULARLY 
9.    The  Strategy Academy Masters Program comprising  [I] PGDME [certified by JU School of Education Technology and The Strategy Academy Centre of Advanced Studies [TSACAS]    & [II]  BLP [TSA] , actually transforms the participants and make them FUTURE-READY through its 3  key features:[a] Learning through LIVE video conferencing platform helps participant position themselves as ”different’ from students who will complete their business management programs through the traditional ‘old economy’ brick and mortar model; being digitally savvy is a must in the 21st century; [b] the novel delivery platform helps participants do multi-tasking [for example work and earn during week days and attend LIVE classes in the weekend from home] and [c] improve critical traits necessary for success – for example: curiosity,  determination, flexibility, discipline, and inspiration to try new things [the Academy’s delivery process helps develop and strengthen  these traits]
      Base Module : PGDM by JU School of Education Technology and   The Strategy  Academy  Centre  of Advanced Studies [TSACAS]
      Special Module: BLP by The Strategy Academy Centre of Advanced Studies     [TSACAS]
        DURATION    One year
        Base Module: PGDME: Two  semesters – each  of 3.5  months duration + 2 months of Dissertation
    Special Module: BLP:  To be conducted after formal LIVE classes of  PGDME  program   are over [spread over 3  months]
·     As per design approved by JU School of Education Technology and      The Strategy    Academy Centre of Advanced Studies [TSACAS]
·    Total 10 subjects
·    Twin Specialization areas:  General Management and Entrepreneurship
·    As per design of The Strategy Academy Centre of Advanced Studies-To be   conducted  alongside  PGDME program
·    Focus Areas: Advanced and contemporary topics in strategic management and business leadership
      Faculty-led sessions  of both PGDME [ Base Module ] and BLP [Special Module] will be spread over 1 year
       LIVE SESSIONS of both PGDME and BLP are delivered over the 2 way interactive  DIGITAL NETWORK of the Academy [ which can be accessed from office/home of participants];
  LIVE sessions of the program to be conducted personally by the faculty,  will be held on Fridays, Saturdays  and on Mondays @ 2.5 hrs ( 7.5 hrs per week ) at 5 pm Muscat Time.
  Schedule of sessions for every  6 weeks will be announced in advance.
      Recorded versions of lectures conducted LIVE by faculty but missed by a participant  will be made available on request
      Graduate  from any recognized university; Diploma holders with 10 + 2 + 3 = 1 years education may also apply
      Results  of Perspective and Aptitude Test [conducted by the Academy -PAT]   
   PGDME: Base Module
      To be conducted by  JU and TSACAS and can be appeared ON-LINE from ANYWHERE- Home/Office/Outstation
   BLP: Special Module
      Examinations to be conducted online by TSACAS and can be appeared from ANYWHERE- Home/Office/Outstation
 PGDME : Multi-element evaluation comprising [i] Attendance in LIVE classes, [ii] Participation during class discussion,   [iii] Quiz, [iv] Term End examinations and [v] One Program-end Comprehensive Industry-focused Term Paper
BLP; Multi-element evaluation comprising [i] Attendance in LIVE classes, [ii] Participation during class discussion,   [iii] Quiz, [iv] Term End examinations and [v] One Program-end Comprehensive Industry-focused Term Paper SUCCESSFUL COMPLETION:
PGDME [certified by JU School of Education Technology and The Strategy Academy Centre of Advanced Studies [TSACAS]:
As per JU and TSACAS policies
Multi-element evaluation and relative grading; a CGPA will be made available · BLP [Certified by TSACAS]