101 Foundations

Designed for beginner level users of ACL Analytics™, this three-day course introduces you to ACL in an interactive, hands-on learning environment. You will learn key data analysis concepts and the basics of working with ACL software.                                                                                                 


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201 Applications

This two-day course is designed for intermediate to experienced ACL Analytics™ users. In an interactive, hands-on environment, you will learn how to integrate ACL commands and expressions to accomplish complex data analysis tasks.

You will also practice planning and executing a data analysis project by working through a series of case studies. Through this case-study approach you will learn how to effectively use ACL in real-life situations.

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303 Functions and Scripts

In this three-day course for experienced users, you will learn how to use ACL Analytics™ functions and scripts to gain new insight into your data and do more in less time. You’ll learn best practices around using ACL Analytics to automate the entire data analysis process, from data access to reporting.

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